Hi there friend,

My name is Mirian and I'm a citizen of the world  😉 I was born in Venezuela, but consider myself Portuguese. All my family is Portuguese and we move back when I was 14. Since 10 years now that I live in Belgium with my husband and children. 

I’m passionate about helping network marketers like you build your business online. Using proven strategies that have people reaching out to YOU and asking YOU about your products and actually applying to join your team!

February 2016 was the last time I set foot on a building, to have another day of endless meetings, cursed through traffic jams, spent the day closed down in my cubicle existence, doing the 9 to 5 grind inside the corporate world. I'm an ex SAP consultant and the thing that I most cherish about those times was the countries I had the opportunity to visit and the people I met.

Prior to that, I had taken several Coaching certifications and did a ton of personal development work, so I had what it took to call myself a Coach. I wanted to build my own business, help people, that’s all I knew... and, without any guidance, mentoring or coaching, I started my first attempt at being an entrepreneur... and I failed... miserably. 😝

I absolutely LOVED coaching but I knew nothing about the “BUSINESS” of it. I didn’t know how to or even wanted to be constantly “selling myself”, going to networking events, doing speaking gigs, I knew nothing about marketing and had no clue how to market myself and sell my services.

I’m a bit of an introvert, so, while I’m not shy in any way, I prefer to have some deep conversations one-on-one or with a small group of friends, than being with lots of people all the time. That kind of stuff drains my energy.  

That same year I became a mother, at the wise age of 39. I was looking for some solutions on how to live a more natural life and eliminate stuff at home that wasn’t healthy for us.

I’ve always been a fan of natural, healthy living, we would eat organic food most of the time and use natural products as much as possible and when my baby was born, that went from being an interest to being a priority... (mind you, I also love M&M’s! LOL). 

I found a network marketing company in the industry and I quickly became a fan of their amazing products. They gave me such a sense of accomplishment and confidence as a new mom, simply because they were effective, natural and I knew I was doing and giving my son the very best. 

I quickly realize that I wanted to develop this as a business, because:

1) If the product was so amazing, everyone would want to buy it... right??? WRONG... 🙅
2) If I had products to sell, I didn’t need to be “selling myself”...  right??? WRONG... 🙅
3) All I needed to do was to follow what the gurus in the industry and the leaders in my company were telling us to do, you know... “make a list of 100 people”, “call every single one of them”, “do 4 to 6 home meetings every month”, “invite all your friends and family to have a look”, “follow up”, “start conversations with strangers at the grocery shop line”, “create new friendships, this is a relationship business”, “you just need to talk with a lot of people, this is a number’s game”... right??? WRONG WRONG WRONG!! 🙅🙅🙅

Not that these strategies don’t work. Some of them are useful, and if you are: 
a) A super extrovert person
b) Already have a big network of people, and
c) Want to be out of your home all the time making new friends, travelling all around your country to meet people, and have tons of time to develop your business week after week after week...
Then maybe the “old-school ways” of building a network marketing business used since the 90’s may still be for you.

If you’re anything like me...

✅ more to the introvert side...
✅ a mom with limited time...
✅ hate networking and small talk...
✅ Only want to hang out with the best...
✅ and you would like to modernize your marketing and leverage the power of the internet to build a successful business...

I’m here to tell you, it is also possible this way. More than possible, it’s a lot of fun!!!

I finally got the courage to invest in myself to learn about online marketing and business strategies and to be surrounded by a group of people that are mentoring me and helping me build my business online the right way: 

❌ Without bugging my friends and family
❌ Without being spammy on social media
❌ Without trying to sell to every person I come in contact with
❌ Without feeling "salesy" and treating everyone I know like a prospect! 

I became so passionate about the subject that I decided to share these strategies with you. 

Welcome to my website!
Here’s to your success,